OPERATION: Call Out—Europe Region

Operation Call Out

The hard work and dedication to our service men and women provided by Katia Cipolat, Mark K. White and Teresa McBride are outstanding.  Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide that extra customer care are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team.

Katia Cipolat
Retail Supervisor
Aviano Main Store

Katia continuously goes above and beyond her role to drive for results and achieve goals within all Center Pad departments. Through uncertain times, during the absence of key employees, she manages to be a role model for her team and take the Center Pad to the next level of customer service and sales. During these challenging times, when Center Pad only has 50% of its employees, Katia was able to achieve great results. Aviano Main Store Center Pad placed Best in Europe for Q1 2022. The Jewelry goal was exceeded by 14.2% and Cosmetics/Accessories by 13.1%. Her commitment and passion in serving are mirrored through results and those of her team.

Mark K. White
Theater Supervisor
Spangdahlem Skyline Theater

Mark White lives and breathes the movies! He works with multiple outside organizations such as Starbucks and the USO to ensure maximum participation for blockbuster movies. Mark has dressed up as show characters; small children even ask for his autograph when they recognize him. He makes it fun, and the base always wants to see what he will do for the next upcoming blockbuster. Mark also does an AFN radio show every Thursday, Theater Talk with Mark!

Teresa McBride
Food Service Worker
Vicenza Villaggio School

Terri, supervisor of Villaggio school cafeteria, received a stellar customer comment on her outstanding management of special-diet school lunches for children with allergies, highlighting just a small portion of what she does daily for the school and the community. “I must send a note of appreciation for Ms. Teresa McBride at the Vicenza Elementary School. Her abundance of care, patience and pride that she puts on display is simply amazing. My son has a condition that causes diet restrictions, and Ms. McBride ensures my son has the absolute best lunch experience possible. She has a level of personal pride, attention to detail and ownership that I have never seen. Not only does she communicate with the students, but she does an amazing job of opening the lines of communication with the parents and keeping them open.  She is so very patient and endearing and I never feel like I am ‘bothering’ her. She is a true pleasure and joy to work with and I would ask that you please acknowledge her the first opportunity.”

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