OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

So, Chae-ok; Noriko Watanabe; and Yon, Su-chin represent the “Best of the Best” from the Pacific Region. Our teams continue to provide amazing customer experiences for our service members, retirees and their families within our communities. We could not be prouder of what they do daily. Their actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

So, Chae-ok
Customer Service Representative
Camp Walker–Korea Southern Exchange

Every day, Ms. So brings a better shopping experience to our Soldiers, retirees and their families with a helpful, friendly attitude. Year to date, Chae-ok has processed 77 new approved MILITARY STAR® applications and has maintained an exceptional penetration rate of 18.81%, making her the leading associate for approved applications and penetration rates at Camp Walker Main Store. She hosts MilStar events, providing coaching and encouragement to our Central Checkout team to generate new accounts, improve penetration rates and effectively engage with customers by explaining the benefits. Our customers are always pleased to see Ms. So at Customer Service. She is always friendly and engaged, ensuring they understand the various Customer Service functions and serving the Best Customers in the World.

Noriko Watanabe
Military Clothing Store Supervisor
Camp Zama Exchange

On Sunday, May 22, main store assistant manager Joe Curphy received a call from a Soldier who was TDY at Yokosuka Naval Base, a two-hour drive from Zama. The Soldier had arrived in Japan on Saturday night to attend a conference Monday. Unfortunately, his pens had exploded in his luggage, ruining his uniform. Before having the customer drive two hours, Mr. Curphy confirmed uniform availability with MCS supervisor Noriko Watanabe. Upon hearing about the Soldier’s situation, Noriko offered to open the MCS on her day off without hesitation to ensure he would receive expert assistance. Three hours later, after being able to purchase a new uniform, the customer was extremely happy with his first Zama Exchange experience.

Yon, Su-Chin
Office Assistant
Humphreys Exchange

Su-Chin has an energetic, positive demeanor that is infectious, and her team truly enjoys working with her. She consistently receives positive customer feedback. Su-Chin was able to help customers open multiple new MILITARY STAR® accounts, while selling advance movie tickets for all blockbuster movies in the food court during lunch. Over a three-day period, she sold over 250 advance tickets. Opening new accounts is challenging for a food team, but Su-Chin makes it happen. She is very dedicated and truly loves her job, leading with positivity and demonstrating the Exchange core values!

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