OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is proudly recognizing Cheryl Agonoy, Kim Parker and Tracy Clark for their contributions and support of the Exchange mission. Their focus on customer service is a priority, and it shows in the results! Thanks for all you do!

Cheryl Agonoy
Supervisory Customer Experience Associate
Fort Benning

Cheryl brings positive energy to her area, and it carries over to her teammates. Her enthusiasm is reflected in how her fellow associates interact with customers. Cheryl is very focused on promoting the MILITARY STAR® card. This focus was partly responsible for a 65% increase in approved MilStar applications for the Fort Benning Main Exchange in fiscal 2021 vs. fiscal 2020! Additionally, her attention to the MilStar program contributed to a $718,102 increase in MILITARY STAR card sales over the previous year! Cheryl finished in the top 25 worldwide for approved MILITARY STAR applications for FY 2021 with 158 new Star cards to her credit! As a supervisor, Cheryl is instrumental in teaching others about the importance of MILITARY STAR and how to  speak with customers about its advantages. Great job Cheryl!!

Kim Parker
Charleys Food Service Worker
Fort Gordon

After 37 years of extraordinary service to the Exchange, Kim continues to be one of the most motivated and valuable team members of Fort Gordon’s Charleys. Her enthusiasm toward her job and cheerfulness have greatly contributed to the high morale of her teammates and the huge success of the restaurant. Kim’s exceptional dedication has helped make Gordon’s Charleys No. 1 in sales volume in CONUS and A+ in brand compliance. She was awarded with a Flip Pin by a Charleys brand representative during a recent visit. Our customers and her teammates love her and hope she will continue her dedicated service at Charleys for many more years to come!

Tracy Clark
Services Assistant
Tyndall Air Force Base

Tracy often goes above and beyond her daily work duties. This was evident when, without any direct guidance, Tracy scoured the main store for giveaways, gathered associates to help represent the Tyndall Exchange, then organized a table for a newcomers briefing held on Tyndall. Her efforts provided a unique chance for the Exchange to shine and share information, such as our hours of operations, the services we offer and the fine selection of food available to Tyndall personnel. Tracy made sure she used the banner from the main store to advertise the MILITARY STAR® card and how to apply. She represented the Tyndall Exchange with enthusiasm, professionalism and presented a great first impression for Tyndall’s newest airmen and their families.

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