OPERATION: Call Out—Europe Region

Operation Call Out

The hard work and dedication to our service men and women provided by Paola Negron-Ortiz, Ralph Fernandes and Cristina Rutigliano are outstanding. Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide that extra customer care are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team!

Paola Negron-Ortiz
Customer Service Supervisor
Panzer Main Store

Paola transferred to Panzer Main Store from Fort Gordon in August 2021 when her father PCSed. After being in country for two days, she reported to work and hit the ground running. Her knowledge acquired from her previous position on the eComm team and her ability to quickly adapt to her new role as a Customer Service associate have made her a highly valuable asset to the Panzer Main Store. Her knowledge and dedication led to her being promoted to Customer Service supervisor. Since her promotion, Paola has streamlined the efficiency and overall productivity of the Customer Service team, including cross-training others for maximum impact as we remain focused on operational excellence. She has excelled to become the expert in Customer Service, Manhattan Active Omni and all other related tasks and is often sought out by management to provide information and assistance. As her father focuses on his mission as a service member, she serves the Stuttgart community along with her mother and her sister, both of whom are also a part of the Panzer main store team. Paola embodies the core value, Family Serving Family with pride and confidence.

Ralph Fernandes
Facilities Management Office
Camp Arifjan

Ralph has been a dedicated associate who has provided support to the Exchange for more than 20 years. His current role in the Facilities Management Office for Southwest Asia is critical. He is the only associate available to support the facilities offices located at Camps Ali Al Salem, Arifjan and Buehring. Ralph proves his value daily by ensuring equipment is maintained properly and responds to unscheduled outages that would be catastrophic to Exchange operations and community morale if not corrected. Recently, he responded to a serious water leak. His quick action prevented serious water damage to portions of the building until the Department of Public Works could arrive. Thank you, Ralph, we are grateful for all you do!

Cristina Rutigliano
Cash Operations Supervisor
Vicenza Main Store

Cristina has been part of the Exchange family for more than 10 years, working first at the Vicenza Express, then moving to the main store a our cash operations supervisor.  In Italy, we have an electronic fuel card program that allows customers to pump fuel tax-free. Cristina leads her team in providing service for more than 2,800 fuel card customers. There are times when payments are uncollected, causing the customer’s account to become blocked, making it unable for them to get tax-free fuel. As this can become a hardship on our military families, Cristina took the initiative to develop a program to work with these customers. In the past two months, she has settled more than $11,000 in delinquent accounts. Thank you, Cristina, for your commitment to ensuring our soldiers and their families can continue to use this great cost savings program.  This is a true example of Family Serving Family!

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