OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Yi, Son-Hyon; Pak, Un-Su; and Michelle Inglis represent the “Best of the Best” from the Pacific Region. Our teams continue to provide amazing customer experiences for our service members, retirees, and their families within our communities. We could not be prouder of what they do daily. Their actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Yi, Son-Hyon
Store Associate
Humphreys Exchange

While working in the Snack Avenue/Hunt Brothers Pizza Department, Son-Hyon has demonstrated what it means to be an Exchange associate. Through her dedication, selfless sacrifice and professionalism, she has shown she can be counted on time and time again. Because of her due diligence in Snack Avenue,  making sure items are always fully stocked and available for our customers, she has contributed to a sales increase of 39.5% compared with last year and is currently ranked eighth worldwide year-to-date. We feel Son-Hyon is a valuable member of our team and the Exchange.

Pak, Un-su
Popeyes–Sentry Food Court
Humphreys Exchange

Un-su received a notice from management about a message that came in after business hours. After opening the store, she quickly contacted the customer and provided them with extraordinary customer service by delivering them the food they requested by the time they needed it. The customer was happy with their experience and left an excellent ICE comment about Popeyes staff and thanked them for their excellent customer service on their last day before moving back to the USA.  Thank you, Un-su, for your great display of Family Serving Family!

Michelle Inglis
Bun-D Manager
Humphreys Exchange

Michelle is well-known for her hard work and excellent customer service. She strives to brings customers the most enjoyable experience possible when they visit Bun-D.  Recently, Michelle received a customer compliment regarding how great the customer service was she had received from one of her associates. The customer complimented Michelle on how well she had mentored and trained the associate. To provide the best experience for our community, she initiated a Summer Hire program for high school students currently on vacation. Thank you, Michelle for making Humphreys home!



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