Director/CEO Tom Shull Thanks Fort Meade Associates for Welcoming New Civilian Shoppers

<b>Fort Meade Gate 32 Express Shift Manager Marla Brewer</b>

Marla Brewer, Fort Meade Gate 32 Express shift manager, greets Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull. Shull visited the Fort Meade Exchange to thank associates for serving the military community and welcoming new civilian shoppers.

Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull visited the Fort Meade Exchange in Maryland to thank associates for serving the military community—especially Department of Defense and Coast Guard civilians and retirees, who gained Exchange shopping privileges in May 2021.

With more than 42,000 CAC-holders in the surrounding area, the Fort Meade Exchange has one of the largest populations of newly eligible shoppers in the U.S.

“It’s terrific to see every member of our military community come together at their PXs and BXs,” Shull said during his Aug. 1 visit. “Our Fort Meade teammates have really stepped up to welcome newly authorized shoppers and are doing an exceptional job of communicating customer experience improvements, such as self-checkout and branded fuel, as they are made. The partnership and collaboration happening across the organization to make our 2022 strategic priorities fully operational reflect the awesome professionalism and passion of Team Exchange.”

During his visit, Shull met with main store, mall and food court, Express and Military Clothing store associates and managers. He commended the team’s steadfast service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fort Meade Visual Marketing Manager Chris Jonczak with Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull.

“The Fort Meade Exchange is setting the bar high,” said Shull. “They have exceeded earnings goals for the past two years by sharpening their pencils and managing overhead costs while leaning forward to tell our story of service and support to DoD civilians in the area.”

2022 sales at the Fort Meade Exchange are tracking to be on par with pre-pandemic numbers. Shull, who marks ten years of service as the Exchange Director/CEO this year, and Fort Meade PX General Manager Robin Boylan recognized associates who have gone above and beyond in their service to the “best customers in the world.”

Fort Meade Military Clothing Store Manager Keesha Pluim, left, and MCS Shift Manager Lawan Correia with Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull.

“Fort Meade Exchange associates are so dedicated to taking care of our shoppers, whatever they need,” Boylan said. “It meant a lot to them to hear Mr. Shull’s personal appreciation and encouragement.”

Henry “Robbie” Robinson, services operations assistant, was one of the associates who was awarded the Exchange Director/CEO’s challenge coin.

“That moment I will remember forever,” said Robinson, a Veteran who has been with the Exchange for 32 years. “When I retired from the Air Force, no companies were hiring at the time. The Exchange was the only company that gave me an opportunity to serve the best customers in the world, and for that I am truly grateful.”

In addition to Robinson, Shull honored 20 other associates for their exceptional efforts:

  • Dawn Holland, main store manager
  • Marcia Jackson, inventory control associate
  • Carie Nalley, office associate
  • Stefania John, sales area manager
  • Zuleyka Cardona, laborer/stocker
  • Lawan Correia, Military Clothing store shift manager
  • Qiana Carr, Burger King manager
  • Esther Bradley, Express manager
  • Jennifer Gilbert, Arby’s assistant manager
  • Karen Foster, Fort Detrick Express inventory control associate
  • Darlene Reff, sales & merchandising manager
  • Scott Brintall, services business manager
  • Kyle Wheaton, operations manager
  • Chris Jonczak, visual merchandiser
  • Megan Khalsa, inventory control associate
  • Robert Pennington, warehouse worker foreman
  • Meerim Kasymbaeva, customer experience associate
  • Robin Boylan, general manager
  • Amanda Hartfield, regional vice president
  • Gregg Cox, senior vice president, government affairs
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