OPERATION: Call Out—Europe/SWA Region

Operation Call Out

The hard work and dedication to our service men and women provided by Acel Orejola, Julio Hernandez-Cabrera and Cierra Alston are outstanding. Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide extra customer care are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe/SWA team!

Acel Orejola
Store Associate
Al Dhafra, United Arab Emirates

Acel Orejola is one of our greatest champions for the MILITARY STAR® card. During Senior Vice President Marla Randolph’s March 2022 visit to SWA, she spoke highly of the MILITARY STAR card and its benefit to the Exchange. We have been pushing the MILITARY STAR card application ever since. We had 23 approved cards for all of FY 2021. For FY 2022, we currently have 74 approved, and Acel is directly responsible for 23 of those and counting. He asks every customer coming through his line if they have a MILITARY STAR card—especially customers with high-ticket items. Our MILITARY STAR penetration continues to climb. We are in the top 5 in for Military Star applications and have the highest penetration rate. With Acel’s persuasion, persistence, and continual discussion with customers about MILITARY STAR, we can maintain great numbers.  Acel is a great asset to Team Al Dhafra.

Julio Hernandez-Cabrera
Cash Cage Supervisor
Panzer Main Store

After serving 16 years in the Army, Julio began working at the Exchange to stay connected to the military community. He is well- respected by his team, co-workers and management, and is vital in the community with his strong network connections around the Garrison Command. Julio has served as the cash cage supervisor for 13 years and is an expert in Central Cash Processing operations. He provides guidance and training to others in EUCOM for proper financial accountability and is often called upon by his peers in Germany for assistance. Julio maintains the highest standards and holds his team at an impeccable level. They can operate efficiently and effectively even in his absence, which shows the true impact of a leader. Julio is an unsung hero of the Panzer Main Store and the EUCOM Exchange in Stuttgart.  He is truly an asset to the daily operations, providing outstanding internal customer service so that we may provide consistent exceptional service to our  customers.

Cierra Alston
Customer Experience Associate
Ghedi Express, Italy

Cierra is a sociable individual, always welcoming everyone with a warm smile and greeting. She is a fantastic employee who has exemplary customer service talents and is a tremendous value to our community. Cierra can successfully communicate at all levels, from management to our service members and their dependents. Her enthusiasm and dedication to serve others and provide superior customer service are unparalleled.  The 704th Munitions Support Squadron and the United States Air Force in Europe’s inspection team have both commented on Cierra’s thoroughness, excellent service and persistent follow-through.  Thank you, Cierra, for all your unselfish contributions to the Ghedi Air Base community and its Centurion family.


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