OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Yu, Ik-hyon, Meghan Uitz-Fuentes and Kang, Won-hyong represent the “Best of the Best” from the Pacific Region. Our teams continue to provide amazing customer experiences for our service members, retirees and their families within our communities. We could not be prouder of what they do daily. Their actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Yu, Ik-hyon
Senior Store Associate
Capital Exchange

Ik-hyon continuously goes above and beyond to increase customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service. He began the Shuttle Program to transfer customer orders from one facility to another. He averages about 15 units per month.  Recently, we had a customer come to the store on Sunday to pick up a couch that was purchased at Humphreys Main Store.  The customer arrived in a sedan, and the delivery service is not available on Sunday. Ik-hyon loaded the couch into the PX van and drove it 10 minutes to the customer’s house. To the customer’s delight, he even helped bring the new couch up to a room on the fourth floor. Ik-hyon is the best of the K-16 PX team and truly an example of Family Serving Family!

Meghan Uitz-Fuentes
Customer Experience Associate
Yokota Air Base

On June 25, Yokota Main Store hosted its first Mario Kart Deluxe 8 Nintendo Switch Gaming Tournament since the pandemic started. After months of planning and weeks of advertising, the event was a huge success, thanks to Meghan’s hard work and  know-how. She helped run the tournament, which included three age groups, and she even displayed her potential for advancement by delegating responsibility to other associates. Her consistent positive customer engagement ensured all involved had a great time. The event combined with the available product helped bolster sales within the Area B department, with sales that exceeded annual financial plan by 35%, and main store sales exceeded AFP by 25%. Way to go Meghan!

Kang, Won-hyong
Logistics Assistant
Humphreys Exchange

Won-hyong shows great leadership. He directs his team during peak times and knows how to engage with Exchange customers. As a result, our food court has had 10.8% sales increase and year-to-date 2022 earnings have increased by 173%. Even though Humphreys has transitioned to HPCON A, he is still focused on protecting the community through “Increased Frequency Cleaning & Sanitizing” that he created, and a food court sanitation schedule is followed daily. The Troop Mini Mall food court has received several customer comments regarding Won-hyong, who has proved his excellent customer and managerial skills.  He sets the bar high for fellow associates and managers alike! Thank you, Won-hyong, for your sincere kindness, your outstanding customer service and for making Humphreys home by “inspiring smiles through delicious experiences.”

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