OPERATION: Call Out—Western Region

Operation Call Out

Western Region recognizes Kamill Booker, Debra Prasser and Benjamin Botero for their outstanding hard work and unwavering dedication to our customers.

Kamill Booker
Customer Service Supervisor
Los Angeles Exchange

Kamill has become a staple of the Los Angeles Exchange team. As the Customer Service supervisor, she has effectively highlighted the benefits of the MILITARY STAR® card to our team, resulting in an increase to the Los Angeles main store’s MILITARY STAR transactions by 389+ transactions, 246+ new card holders, and $155,687+ Military Star vs. last year. Kamill has received an abundance of praise and compliments on her great ways of motivating our team members to “Ask Every Customer, Every Time!” Her hands-on approach  has increased productivity and creates a positive atmosphere, making our team members look forward to coming to work every day. Kamill is a pleasure to work with and is extremely liked by her customers and co-workers alike.

Debra Prasser
Food Service Worker–Burger King
Fairchild Air Force Base

With a recent dining facility closure, the Fairchild Burger King has had a recent growth in foot traffic. Due to kids returning to school and safety protocols, the Burger King experienced staff shortages. Thankfully, Debra took on extra hours and took the lead in the kitchen. Since she knows every position, she works diligently to train our new crew members, so they immediately become a productive part of the team. During busy times, Debra is good at evaluating the scene and helping the foreman place associates where they are best suited to make things run more smoothly and efficiently. One of her teammates recently commented, “When Debra is working, it is like having an additional foreman in the kitchen to help guide us.”

Benjamin Botero
A&A Gifts
Dyess Air Force Base

Benjamin pays close attention to the needs of his customers. He takes the time to get to know them and they remember him for his great customer service. When the pandemic started, Benjamin started ordering masks and accessories and even extended his hours to correspond with the main store’s hours to ensure all customers had masks. When a new vendor comes in, he is always the first to see if he can assist in any way, happily helping the vendors carry their merchandise in and out. Benjamin will help with anything that needs to be done. He is very dedicated to the Exchange and our customers.  Thank you, Benjamin!

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