OPERATION: Call Out—Central Region

Operation Call Out

Central Region proudly recognizes Reginald Jeffries, Brandi Garvin and Ashanti Davis for their outstanding contributions and support of the Exchange Mission. They are customer- and teammate-focused, truly providing exceptional customer service each day. Thanks for a job well done!

Reginald Jeffries
Popeyes Foreman
Fort Rucker

Reggie is an exceptional foreman and consistently goes above and beyond for customers and teammates alike. Popeyes has been closed for several months due to an image upgrade and Reggie has been amazing, stepping in to help any facility on the food team that may need a hand. He is eager to learn, helps with the daily paperwork and is happy to share his knowledge with the other foremen. We consistently receive positive customer feedback about Reggie. He is an excellent team player and a treasured member of the Exchange Family!

Brandi Garvin
Services Business Manager
Barksdale Air Force Base

Brandi is new to the Services career cone but has stepped into her new role with great enthusiasm. She has gone from learning the basics to establishing six new short-term businesses and 10 new short-term food trucks, and is in the final stages of contracting a new durable medical equipment award.  Our YTD sales are up 23% in Services and our income is up 9%. Keep up the great work, Brandi!

Ashanti Davis
Shift Manager
Fort Riley

Ashanti started with the Exchange four years ago as a store floater. She grew her knowledge of the business, aspired to strengthen her skills and began seeking out opportunities for professional growth.  Seeing an open opportunity for a Shift Manager position, she applied. Ashanti has excelled in the position and seeks every opportunity to enhance her management skills. She is an asset to the Exchange and a great example for others to follow.

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