OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region proudly recognizes William “Joey” McQuillen, Ciarah Beza and Michaela Hawthorne for their contributions and support of the Exchange Mission. The focus on customer service is a priority, and it shows in the results! Thanks for all you do!

William “Joey” McQuillen
Custodial Worker
Joint Base Langley-Eustis

The Langley Express refers to Joey as ‘The Goat” in Department 425, Spirits. He processes all incoming shipments from Dan Daniel Distribution Center to ensure accuracy and to gain knowledge of the merchandise. Joey restocks our shelves in a timely fashion, makes sure he knows the prices of the products we carry, and assists customers in finding what they need or with any questions they may have. Associates reach out to Joey and ask him to share the vast knowledge he has learned about these products. His due diligence has contributed to a 5% increase in spirit sales. In addition to his expertise in spirits, Joey maintains his regular duties as a custodial worker. He ensures our facility is always clean and customer ready, both inside and out. At a recent event, due to a medical condition, an elderly gentleman fell in our facility. Joey immediately jumped into action to assist our customer, talking with him to keep him calm until the ambulance arrived. The Langley Express is lucky to have Joey as part of the team!  #WhereHeroesWork #FamilyServingFamily

Ciarah Beza
Burger King
Joint Base Langley-Eustis

After four years working in the food court, Ciarah recently transferred to Eustis Burger King. Her positive impact was immediate, and she has been a welcome addition to the team. Ciarah knows what needs to be done, when to do and the best way to do it correctly. She often takes the time to train new associates and happily assists other associates when needed. Ciarah has outstanding organization and time management skills and is dedicated to serving our customers. Customer service is her focus, she consistently engages to ensure each visit is a positive experience and goes out of her way to make every customer happy. Her positive attitude and smile are infectious. Ciarah has contributed to the reduction for the drive-thru speed of service time, from five minutes to under three minutes, increasing sales in fisca lJuly to $7,000 or 14% above financial plan, and 8% above previous year. Working behind the scenes, she often does not get the recognition she deserves. Thank you, Ciarah, for all your hard work and dedication!

Michaela Hawthorne
Warehouse Worker
Shaw Air Force Base

Michaela started at the Exchange in 2019. In the few years that she has been here, she has moved up from a cashier to a receiver in the warehouse. During her time as a receiver, she has increased the responsibilities from helping in eCommerce procedures to managing the damaged-and-defective process. Due to her selfless service, hard work, and can-do attitude Michaela was selected by her peers as Employee of the Month in July. She is happy to assist wherever she is needed—ringing up customers at the registers, helping to build a display or set up planograms, or simply working on the sales floor helping customers.  Michaela’s attention to detail has led to outstanding results in Shaw Main Store’s year-end inventory, contributing $6,451 or .07% versus prior year. Her attention to detail and stockroom standards is exceptional. She continually takes the initiative to improve Shaw Main Store by ensuring our receiving is accurate and expiration dates are checked, rotating stock as needed and working with our vendor partners to ensure we receive credit for all damaged and defective items received. Michaela takes pride in her work and following the motto, “From the back door to the sales floor” and it shows in everything she does!



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