OPERATION: Call Out—Western Region

Western Region recognizes Chris Lockwood, Mario Martinez and Evangeline Collins for their outstanding hard work and unwavering dedication to our customers.

Chris Lockwood
Services Operations Assistant
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Chris has proven to be a valuable member of the Davis-Monthan Services team. His positive outlook, ability to adapt quickly and attention to detail have helped in maintaining Exchange standards and customer satisfaction. Chris’ judgment, foresight,and courage to make sound decisions have allowed for Services to increase income by 23% above annual financial plan in fiscal May and 14% above AFP in FM June. He continues to create a positive working environment by going out of his way to help others in completing tasks and sharing his knowledge. Chris exemplifies Family Serving Family.

Mario Martinez
Motor Vehicle Operator
Hill Air Force Base

Mario continuously goes above and beyond as our motor vehicle operator. He has demonstrated excellent communication between facilities with prompt responses to ensure our customers’ needs are met. Mario is not just a motor vehicle operator; he also saves the facilities on local services and repairs by changing LED lights, pressure-washing the outside of our facilities, installing new drawers and even helping our outlying facilities at Hill Air Force Base. Mario continues to put the pedal to the metal and drives for success in every task.

Evangeline Collins
Charleys Foreman
Dyess Air Force Base

Evangeline has been a hard-working, dedicated worker for 19 years and has become a favorite at Dyess among her peers and Exchange family. During the COVID pandemic, she almost single-handedly kept Charleys going while the other facilities were closed. Evangeline displays the actions of a leader and is always available to support our airmen and their families. She is always a joy to be around and finds ways to make everyone smile. Thank you, Evangeline, for your service and setting the standard of what it means to be a great customer service associate with the Exchange family.

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