127 Years of Family Serving Family – Angela Davila, Los Angeles Consolidated Exchange


One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 127 years of family serving family

Who she is: Angela Davila, the assistant store manager at the Los Angeles Consolidated Exchange.

Years with the Exchange: 13

Military service: After serving in the Navy for 11 years, Davila decided to change careers so she could better take care of her three young children. Her husband Hugo is a Veteran who served in the Army for 11 years.

Why the Exchange: “The Exchange was a good fit because I wanted to continue serving my country, but still raise my children,” Davila said. “The Exchange gave me that opportunity.”

She’s from Rainbow, California, which is close to March AFB, and Davila jumped at the opportunity to work there when a position became available last year. She was recently promoted to assistant store manager at the Los Angeles Consolidated Exchange. But she started her Exchange career at Fort Hood.

First job: Davila’s first job was as a cashier during the 2008 holidays at Fort Hood’s old Clear Creek main store. In the 13 years since then, she’s worked as a customer service associate, supervisor, specialty store department manager, Express shift manager, sales area manager and stockroom manager.

Celebrity sightings: When Davila worked at the main store at Fort Hood, she got the chance to meet singer Tyrese Gibson and be his personal assistant for the day when he did a concert in the food court. “I also met Chris Jericho, Trisha Yearwood, Simone Biles and Cody Simpson,” Davila said. “And I got to be a firearms manager, which was different, unique and challenging.”

Favorite job: But her favorite job (so far) was being a specialty store department manager. “It was my first position as a manager and I was given numerous opportunities to shine and grow by my senior manager, Edna Cofield,” Davila said. “She allowed me to do things well above my pay grade, so I learned a lot. Edna’s now a store manager in Alaska. She believes in building the bench, which is one of the big managerial tenets at the Exchange.”

Family serving family: Davila’s entire family worked at the Exchange for several years when her children were in school. Her husband Hugo worked almost 20 years as a receiver; her daughter Rebecca “Becca” Talley worked as a cashier at the 24 Hour Express for three years; and her son Stephen Talley was a cook at Qdoba for two years, all at Fort Hood.

Favorite Exchange location: “I started at Fort Hood and have a lot of great memories from there, but March AFB is home for me,” Davila said.

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