Electronics Trade-In Program Rolls Out to CONUS Stores

Electronics Trade In

Shoppers can turn their old electronics into new savings with the Exchange’s in-store electronics trade-in program, beginning Oct. 1. The program allows shoppers to bring their used phones, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, smartwatches and fitness trackers to their Exchange to receive instant credit for a purchase or upgrade or receive their credit as an Exchange gift card.

While an online trade-in program has been available through the Exchange since 2018, the in-store option brings the Exchange more in-line with other electronics industry leaders.

“This program provides instant value to shoppers who want to upgrade their devices or have unused electronics just sitting in a drawer somewhere,” said Jay Rhea, Exchange business program specialist, who manages the trade-in program. “For the Exchange, it brings more shoppers into the store and is an environmentally friendly way to meet our shoppers’ wants.”

The program is available at all CONUS main stores and facilities with a PowerZone.

For in-store trade-ins, shoppers bring their electronics to an Exchange PowerZone, where they will receive an instant credit on any purchase or upgrade or receive their credit as a gift card. Online shoppers can visit ShopMyExchange.com and type “electronics trade-in” in the search bar. They can follow the instructions to receive a free quote and prepaid shipping label. Once their trade-in is received, an e-gift card will be sent their way.

Ten Exchange stores have piloted the program since Aug. 1, with growing success as the word spreads.

“Store management and associates are excited about this program,” Rhea said. “Military shoppers, like shoppers outside of the gates, want the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, and the trade-in program helps them get that at the Exchange at a fantastic value.”

The trade-in program is available to shoppers in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


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  1. Sheila K. Frazier on September 28, 2022 at 11:05 am

    Can this be done at a Navy exchange too?

    • Robert Philpot on September 29, 2022 at 9:58 am

      Hi, Sheila. Sorry for the delayed reply. Currently, this program is only available at Army & Air Force Exchange Service stores that feature PowerZones.

      Robert Philpot
      The Exchange Post

  2. Warren Davis on September 29, 2022 at 1:05 am

    How old can my items be for trade in?

    • Robert Philpot on September 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

      Hi, Warren,

      Typically, trade-in items are within a few years old, though it depends on the device. You can see if an item is eligible for a trade-in by visiting ShopMyExchange.com and typing “electronics trade-in” in the search field and following the instructions.

      Robert Philpot
      The Exchange Post

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