127 Years of Family Serving Family: Chris Gish, Whiteman Air Force Base


One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 127 years of family serving family

Who he is: Chris Gish, a computer operator who began working part-time at the Whiteman Air Force Base Exchange in 2018, grew to love his job, and changed to a full-time position.

Years with the Exchange: 4

What brought him to the Exchange: After retiring from the Air Force, Chris started as a part-time associate at the firearms counter. “Working with firearms sounded like a great job, and it is,” he said. “I had so many regular customers that I built relationships with them; they came in every day, sometimes just to talk.”

Why he likes working at the Exchange: Chris loves working with people, whether directly with customers or on the support side where he is now. “Being a computer operator and a manager has allowed me to see a different side of things,” he said. “But I’ve enjoyed all of my positions because I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them.”

Not only does Chris appreciate his customers, he also loves his Exchange family. “The team we have here at Whiteman is close. We genuinely care about each other and have a good time working together. Everyone here is willing to step up and support their coworkers from the store manager down. It’s an amazing group of people.”

Military connections: Chris served 24 years in the Air Force; his brother-in-law Donald Robertson and nephew Trevor Robertson serve in the Idaho Army National Guard.

Family serving family: Chris has embraced the Exchange motto of serving those who serve. “The longer I’ve worked here, the more I’ve learned what the Exchange is about,” he said. “The Exchange has given me the opportunity to continue in the line of service. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve our customers.”

Exchange connection: Chris’ daughter Abagail worked at the Whiteman Exchange for about two and a half years, as a customer service associate at the main store and at Taco Bell.

Family support: Chris met his wife EmaLee in high school. “She has always been there for the family and for military families in need,” he said. “She encouraged Abagail to apply for all her positions at the Exchange. Spouses/parents are important to the success of their family—always there to listen, encourage and counsel. We will celebrate our 29th anniversary this year and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

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