127 Years of Family Serving Family: Carolina Hampton and Roxanne Culp, Patrick Space Force Base

FamilyServingFamily_Carolina Hampton_Roxanne Culp

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 127 years of family serving family.

 Who they are: Carolina Hampton, sales associate; and Roxanne Culp, customer service associate, Patrick Space Force Base

Years with the Exchange: 35 years (Hampton); 16 Years (Culp)

What brought them to the Exchange: “I remarried and moved to Germany in the 1980s. I started working in Military Clothing sales at Rhein Air Base,” Hampton said. Her daughter-in- law, Roxanne, began at the Exchange in 2006.

“I came to the United States in 2006 and married Carolina’s oldest son,” Culp said. “This was my first job in America.”

“I told her it was a safe place to work, and she should only apply here. My advice to her was to just be honest and do her work,” Hampton said.

Where they’ve worked: Rhein Air Base in Frankfurt, Germany (Hampton); Patrick SFB

What they did at first: Hampton’s first job was in Military Clothing sales, and Culp started as a cashier at the Patrick Exchange.

What they do now: Hampton is a sales associate in the shoe department and Culp works in customer service at the Patrick Exchange.

Memorable moments: “I have a customer who visits from West Palm Beach every month,” Hampton said. “She spends about $2,000 to $3,000 when she comes to the store. She’ll call me in advance and say, ‘Betty [that’s my nickname] ,we’re coming, and you know what I want.’ When she comes to the shoe department, she tells me who she is shopping for, and she likes my taste, so I choose shoes for her.

“We also used to have a very long line of shoppers for shoes,” Hampton asded. “They would come up in line one by one and I’d ask them for their size and give them shoes. I loved those days. They were fun for me.”

Military connections: Hampton’s husband was in the Navy and one of her sons served in the Air Force. Roxanne joined the military family when she wed Carolina’s oldest son.

Family serving family: “I’m happy we’re able to serve the military community,” Culp said. “They’re serving our country, so we’re serving them. My father-in-law, who died a long time ago in a motorcycle accident, served our country and so did my brother-in-law. Our family is happy to give back and serve those who serve.”


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