128 Years of Family Serving Family: Kathy Lieb, Fort Moore

FamilyServingFamily_Kathy Lieb

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 128 years of family serving family.

Who she is: Kathy Lieb, Services Business Manager, Fort Moore

Years with the Exchange: 21 years

Military connections: Lieb served four years in the Army, assigned to Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. Her husband, James, joined a couple of years later and served 20 years, retiring as a staff sergeant in 2011.

Exchange connections: James worked the firearms counter at the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange after he retired. When Lieb PCS’d to Fort Leavenworth, he worked at the firearms counter there, as well. “I used to follow him through his career,” Lieb says. “Now he follows me.”

What brought her to the Exchange: “I needed something to do while my son was in school.”

What she did at first: Lieb worked at the Mannheim Main Exchange, stocking the impulse racks. “I’m someone who always wants to learn more, so from there, I went to central checkout.”

Where she’s worked: After Mannheim, the family PCS’d to KMC, where she worked at the Vogelweh main store as a stocker, a temporary foreman and an inventory control associate. In January 2008, they PCS’d to Fort Leonard Wood, where Lieb started as a services operations assistant, and she’s been in services ever since, including at Fort Leavenworth, Joint Base Maguire-Dix-Lakehurst and now at Fort Moore.

“No matter where you go, you walk into the Exchange, and everything is familiar. It feels like home.”

Favorite job: “I think services is the best branch of the Exchange. I love my job—I love the diversity, I love meeting people and bringing new businesses to the Exchange.”

Memorable moment: During a period when Lieb was sick, the support of senior leadership stands out in her memory. “[Eastern Region Senior Vice President] Bob White and [then-Regional Vice President] Rebecca Santee made me feel like family.”

Family serving family: “Whether you’re in your military or you work for the Exchange, we’re all one family.”

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