Korea Northern Welcomes Two Hunt Brothers Pizza Restaurants

Exchange, restaurant and installation leaders with a Hunt Brothers Pizza ready for slicing.

Soldiers and families at Korea Northern have two new places to grab fresh pizza and wings with the openings of Hunt Brothers Pizza in the Camp Hovey Exchange food court and Rodriguez Range Exchange snack bar.

Members of command, Hunt Brothers employees and Exchange associates cut the ribbon on the two new stores on June 28.

Hunt Brothers offers pizza by the slice or by the pie, including a breakfast pizza.

“The Korea Northern Exchange is excited to bring two new food options on base that will offer more variety during the breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes,” Korea Northern Exchange General Manager Kisol Han said. “Hunt Brothers Pizza provides Soldiers and their families at Korea Northern a conveniently located grab-and-go option.”

Anyone can dine at Hunt Brothers Pizza and all Exchange restaurants, including civilians and visitors. Dining at Exchange restaurants and shopping Exchange stores help makes the military community stronger. 100% of Exchange earnings are reinvested in the military community through support for on-base Quality-of-Life programs and capital improvements, like the addition of Hunt Brothers Pizza.


Cutting the ribbon on the Camp Hovey Hunt Brothers Pizza are, from left: From left: Andres Gutierrez, Hunt Brothers OCONUS Operations Manager; Kim, Pyong-man, Camp Hovey Retail Store Manager;  Yi, Tae-son, Camp Hovey Food Court Manager; a Camp Hovey Soldier; Collin W. Bull, Hunt Brothers field assistant; and Korea Northern Exchange General Manager Kisol Han.

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