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Now on Flickr: Exchange Supports All American Week Kickoff Run at Fort Bragg

By The Exchange Post / September 28, 2022 /

Since 2013, the Fort Bragg Exchange has supported the 5-mile run that kicks off All American Week, one of the biggest weeks of the year at the installation. Here’s how you can view photos and video.

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Florida Exchanges Prepare for Hurricane Ian

By Robert Philpot / September 26, 2022 /

While Puerto Rico Exchanges are still recovering from Hurricane Fiona, the Exchange is preparing for the likelihood of another hurricane striking, this time in Florida. As of Monday morning, Hurricane Ian was moving through the Caribbean Sea and headed toward the Gulf of Mexico. Although its path was still uncertain, the storm looked likely to…

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After a Year of Support and Service, Exchange Closes Final Operation Allies Welcome Site

By Marisa Conner / September 21, 2022 /

Exchange support took many forms, including mobile field Exchanges (MFEs), tent stores, rodeos, re-opened facilities at closed installations, troop stores, re-allocated Express stores, mobile barber shops, local food trucks and concessionaires.

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Puerto Rico Exchanges Reopen after Hurricane Fiona

By Robert Philpot / September 20, 2022 /

Despite heavy rains and power failures, the Fort Buchanan and Camp Santiago Exchange teams were quickly back in action after the storm swept through Puerto Rico.

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Carlisle Barracks Exchange Unveils $5.2 Million Shopping Center Renovation

By Conner Hammett / September 20, 2022 /

More than 378,000 South Central Pennsylvania-area military shoppers can shop tax-free at military-exclusive prices at the newly renovated Carlisle Barracks Exchange shopping center, which was unveiled with a grand opening Sept. 19.

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127 Years of Family Serving Family: Henry “Robbie” Robinson, Fort Meade

By Marisa Conner / September 12, 2022 /

The Air Force Veteran has worked for the Exchange for 32 years, all of them at Fort Meade.

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Fort Buchanan Exchange Takes Home ESGR, LULAC Awards

By Keiana Holleman / August 24, 2022 /

#ServingThoseWhoServe—Fort Buchanan associates went the extra mile to show how the Exchange goes where our service members go. Two major organizations recognized their above-and-beyond support.

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127 Years of Family Serving Family: Christi Cook, Eglin Air Force Base

By Keiana Holleman / August 15, 2022 /

The 38-year associate started at Kadena Air Base and has been at Eglin since 1986.

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Fort Lee Military Clothing Store Fits 101-Year-Old WWII and Korean War Veteran for Hall of Fame Induction

By Keiana Holleman / August 11, 2022 /

The retired Army major kept his military uniform from 1963, wearing it to special events for nearly 60 years. The MCS provided a new uniform that put a big grin on his face.

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127 Years of Family Serving Family: Betty Bramley, Moody AFB, and Leazel Williams, Seymour Johnson AFB

By Tim Meyer / August 8, 2022 /

The mother and daughter aren’t the only family members who have worked for the Exchange.

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