Senior Leadership Editorials

Karen Cardin Shares Stories About her Exchange Career and the Challenges Ahead

By Robert Philpot / September 1, 2021 /

Karen Cardin says she feels that working at the Exchange is what she was meant to do. “I was born into this AAFES/Military community.”

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COO Leadership Update: How and Why to Network

By Jason Rosenberg / June 8, 2021 /

In the business world, “networking” is a buzzword that gets a lot of attention. Putting in time to build a professional network is an important skill, no matter your role in the organization. Why? Because at the Exchange, we are in the people and relationship business! Every day, Exchange teammates build relationships—associates are making connections…

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From Director/CEO Tom Shull: 2021 Strategic Priorities—Driving For Success to Preserve the Benefit

By Tom Shull / April 26, 2021 /

After an unprecedented 2020, Team Exchange is focused on preserving the hard-earned benefit for all who wear the uniform—past, present and future. Six strategic priorities will increase the organization’s relevancy as the Exchange continues to be a crucial non-pay benefit for those we are so honored to serve.

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One Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic: Heroes Serving Heroes Remains ‘Mission Critical’

By Tom Shull / March 15, 2021 /

One year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic changed our world. All of us have been affected. We have mourned the loss of friends and family as we have made changes to protect those we love. At the Exchange, we came together to quickly transform operations and serve those who serve when our support was needed the…

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COO Leadership Update: The Importance of People-First Leadership

By Jason Rosenberg / March 1, 2021 /

The Exchange’s three core values are Respect Everyone, Courage to Use Good Judgment and Family Serving Family. These are people-focused values that foster our culture of service and support. “Primal Leadership” is one of my favorite leadership books, and it focuses on emotional intelligence with an emphasis on putting people first. One story from the…

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Words from Director/CEO Tom Shull: Preserving the Benefit through the Pandemic—A Job Well Done in 2020

By Tom Shull / February 22, 2021 /

Congratulations on the many successes of 2020! Despite the incredible challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Team Exchange has much to celebrate as you steadfastly brought mission-essential benefits to Soldiers, Airmen, Retirees, Veterans and military families. Well done! At the onset of the pandemic, we committed to stabilizing our workforce and made it through the year…

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Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull Earns 2021 Distinguished Graduate Award from West Point Association of Graduates

By Julie Mitchell / February 3, 2021 /

Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull is a Soldier for Life with a lasting legacy of dedication to service members, Veterans and their families.

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Exchange CFO Jim Jordan Looks Back on 33 Years of Service

By Conner Hammett / December 16, 2020 /

As he prepares for retirement, Jim Jordan looks back on the legacy he leaves after more than three decades of serving the best customers in the world.

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Heroes Reap the Savings as Exchange Celebrates Third Anniversary of Veterans Online Shopping Benefit

By Marisa Conner / November 10, 2020 /

As the Exchange celebrates the third anniversary of the Veterans online shopping benefit, the numbers tell the tale: Veterans have placed more than 750,000 tax-free orders. “The numbers in the first three years remind us of why we fought for Veterans to be able to shop the Exchange online,” said Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull, a…

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Q&A with the Exchange’s New COO: Meet Jason Rosenberg

By Marisa Conner / November 9, 2020 /

Jason Rosenberg discusses his three-plus decades of service to the Exchange.

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