Operation Call Out
Congratulations to these star-studded associates. Thank you for being devoted to our Soldiers, Airmen, Guardians and their families, living out the Exchange’s core values each day. It is an honor and a privilege to serve our Nation’s heroes. Keep persevering!

With Greatest Respect,



OPERATION: Call Out – Pacific Region

Minoru HenzaKim, Chi-un; and Kim, Sean Saehwan go above and beyond by providing exceptional and unwavering customer service. We appreciate them and are glad to have them on the Pacific Region Team. Pacific Pride!
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OPERATION: Call Out – Europe Region

Birgitt Aydelotte, Michael Drogitis, and Aniketh Prakash’s hard work and dedication to our service men and women is outstanding. They are continuously finding new ways to provide that extra customer care. Their efforts are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team!
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OPERATION: Call Out – Eastern Region

Eastern Region is proud to recognize Sandra Byington, Kevin Kuzmik and Kathryn Early for their contribution to our Exchange Mission!
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OPERATION: Call Out – Central Region

Renwick "Dwight" Scott, Michelle Johnson and Caelie Goins are exceptional associates that are customer-focused, dedicated to the mission and go above and beyond to serve our heroes and their families. They represent Central Region with enthusiasm and demonstrate our core values in all they do. We are proud of our teammates and thank them for a job well done!
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OPERATION: Call Out – Western Region

Western Region recognizes Yvonne Rivas, Maudryana Batiste and Christian Shaw Harris for their exceptional hard work and dedication to our customers.
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