Operation Call Out
Congratulations to these star-studded associates. Thank you for being devoted to our Soldiers, Airmen, Guardians and their families, living out the Exchange’s core values each day. It is an honor and a privilege to serve our Nation’s heroes. Keep persevering!

With Greatest Respect,



OPERATION: Call Out — Pacific Region

Pacific Region has selected Patrick Mesa, Kim, Chae-song and Yang, Se-Yong Yang for going above and beyond to take care of the “best customers in the world” in the “best region in the world." The one constant visible in the actions of Chae-song, Patrick and Se-Yong’s is that each of them took the necessary time to understand the issue and provide the best solution. These customer experiences will translate into repeat visits because they demonstrate we are “family serving family,” and we will take care of you. Making only three selections from the many outstanding examples provided this month was challenging, but we are confident these associates represent the “best of the best” from the Pacific Region.  “Pacific Pride!”
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OPERATION: Call Out — Europe Region

Europe is proud to acknowledge Ralph Fernandes, Oliver Morley and Lauren Sofia Walters for their outstanding dedication to customer service.
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OPERATION: Call Out — Eastern Region

Eastern Region is proud to recognize Merissa Snead, Heather Laudun and Sam Rosen for their contribution to the Exchange mission!
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OPERATION: Call Out — Central Region

Geoffrey Brown, Pearl Louis B. Jones and <.strong>James MacKillop are wonderful associates who care deeply about customer service, execution of programs and Exchange standards. They show great enthusiasm in their work and demonstrate our core values each and every day. They are well-respected and adored by their teammates and customers alike. We are proud to have them represent Central Region!
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OPERATION: Call Out — Western Region

Western Region is proud to recognize Ricardo Duque, Nancy Dawson and Amber Kubat for going above and beyond to serve those who serve.
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