We are Family serving Family.  The Exchange is an organization that provides job continuity amidst the fluidity of life, career growth opportunities, a connection with the military community and a place where you will always belong.  When you work at the Exchange – you are family!

For our family members we are building a future that matters.  We want you to be part of something bigger, something that matters and something that fits you!  We are close to home, offer lifestyle scheduling and rewards and benefits in a fun and fast paced environment and an opportunity to build a career.  Let’s get to work!

The Exchange’s commitment to serve those that serve doesn’t just apply to those in uniform. We understand that Military Spouses serve in an extraordinary way right alongside them. They understand the day to day challenges faced by the military families and therefore form a special bond with our customers. One of our core values is Family serving Family and no one knows military families better than Military Spouses. We strive to make our customer’s experience a great one and Military Spouses play a key role in that.

Military Spouses and family members provide the stability in Military Families and here at the Exchange we provide you with stability. We are located where your family is stationed, and we have numerous job opportunities for you to choose from.  With 1,400 stores in 30 countries your career doesn’t have to end when you PCS. We strive to assist our Military Family members to secure a new position at their next duty location, before the bags are unpacked!  We will be happy to discuss this and other spouse programs with you at your local HR office.  Apply now and start your career with your Exchange family!

It’s a Career

Being a part of a Military Family isn't the easiest thing in the world. Working for the Exchange can help with some of the challenges. While there are some guidelines, the Exchange can help you keep a job when you transition from location to location. Take advantage of our Associate Transfer program when it’s time to PCS. We may be able to help you continue your employment with the Exchange, at your new location if you:

  • PCS with your sponsor
  • Have 6 months Exchange service
  • Have a rating of Satisfactory or higher on the most recent performance evaluation

The Exchange is an Equal Opportunity Employer