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Training and Development is available to all associates.  Training begins on your first day with the Exchange, regardless of the job you have.  We have a robust On-Boarding program designed to makes our organization and employees thrive.  Your learning will occur on the job, and in a variety of venues.  Depending on your job, you may have a formalized job-training-plan or curriculum designed to ensure you know the specifics of your position.  If you are working in a technical area of the store, where product knowledge is crucial to your success, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of industry led product knowledge training.  We want you to be successful, so a variety of product training is at your fingertips.

As your development progresses, you can take advantage of learning opportunities via teleconference, virtual training or classroom.  More advanced training on strategy and critical thinking skills may be available to you through our Employee Development Program or other Leadership Programs.

Are you are interested in pursuing a degree or advanced degree and eager to take that knowledge and apply it to your job?  We are there for you.  The Exchange proudly offers Tuition Reimbursement to high performing associates who are developing their careers with the Exchange.  Whatever your career goals are, we have the training and development programs to help you succeed.

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The Exchange is an Equal Opportunity Employer