Veterans flocking to confirm online exchange shopping eligibility

DALLAS – Excitement about the first expansion of military exchange benefits in 27 years continues to grow as nearly a quarter of a million Veterans have verified their eligibility to shop through the Veterans online shopping benefit since the verification site for the Marine Corps Exchange, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Navy Exchange and Coast Guard Exchange launched on June 5.

Veterans can be verified for this new benefit by visiting,, and The exchanges rely on official government records to verify honorably discharged Veterans’ eligibility to shop online tax-free with military exclusive pricing.

Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps Veteran beta shoppers have been utilizing their new benefit on

“The process was very simple and quick,” said Paul Schreter, who served five years in the Air Force. “This new benefit makes me feel a little bit more special about being a Veteran. I live in a state that charges sales tax, so to be able to do tax-free shopping is amazing.”

“As a disabled Veteran, I do a lot of shopping online so this works out great for me,” said Marine Sgt. Justin Horn. “It was a shock when I got out of the military and was no longer able to drive on base and shop. I have many a great story over my time in service shopping the exchanges and am grateful they now have opened for us honorably discharged Veterans.”

Newly approved beta shoppers at the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) are equally as excited about the ability to shop online.

“Great benefit! I was selected as a beta-tester as a disabled veteran… the savings are great and all hassle free online,” said Donnie, Veteran and NEX patron.

For Coast Guard Veterans, the convenience of online shopping is a greatly appreciated new benefit.

“There were times during my Coast Guard career when I was stationed where there wasn’t an Exchange on the base,” said Coast Guard Veteran Nathan Veirs. “What a great benefit, now as a Veteran, to be able to shop all the military exchanges online from anywhere at any time.”

For Marine Sgt. Justin Horn, the ability to shop the exchanges online is a reconnection to his time in the service.

Beyond saving money, Veterans who shop their military exchanges online generate needed financial support for critical military Quality-of-Life programs.

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