Vet for Life Campaign

You served our great Nation honorably and earned the title of United States Veteran. You are a Vet for Life! The exchanges thank you for your service.

In recognition of Desert Shield beginning 27 years ago, today’s Vet for Life is Justin D Horn​–a former U.S. Marine Corps​ Sgt. who served his country with distinction. Justin is a verified Vet for Life. Send this to a Veteran today to encourage them to verify their eligibility to shop their military exchanges online at

I am an extremely proud Sgt. of Marines who served four years with Weapons Company 1st Battalion 7th Marines​ (88-92) and another four in my hometown Marine Reserve Unit (92-96) because I missed the camaraderie.

Living in a pro-military community next door to Joint Base Lewis-McChord​, I was shocked when I could no longer just drive on base let alone shop at its facilities. It broke my heart when I couldn’t get on base to shop. Back when I had a young child, I had to have my father-in-law go on to buy diapers. It just hurt. AAFES has always been with us. You are everywhere. I have many a great story over my time in service shopping with AAFES and grateful they now have opened for us honorably discharged Veterans.

Quickly/easily signed up to use the Exchange and soon thereafter allowed to become a beta-tester not having to wait till the official opening in November. Wouldn’t you know it they just so happened to have a 20% off linen and bed sets right when I was down to my last two sets of sheets?

Now as a disabled Veteran I do a lot of shopping online so this works out great for me. Technology has come a long way and has allowed me to reconnect with many of those I have served with all those years ago and this service offers us Veterans one more benefit… thank you!

Sincerely, Sgt. Horn, Justin D

If you have a positive story related to shopping your military exchanges, please share it with us on the Exchange Facebook page. We would be honored to feature you as a Vet for Life!

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