Tinker Prepares to Put the “Change” in Exchange as Renovation Continues

RELEASE DATE: August 2010

Tinker Prepares to Put the “Change” in Exchange as Renovation Continues

DALLAS – Like a jet being prepped for flight, the Tinker Exchange is undergoing an intensive preflight check list as a host of associates and contractors prepare for the stores re-grand opening Sept. 17.

From floors to décor, the facility has already undergone a substantial transformation since work began on June 1. Since then, 75-100 construction personnel have been on site every day, working around the clock to rebrand the facility in an image that is eventually expected to be rolled out to Air Force and Army installations worldwide.

“It’s been a chaotic process behind the scenes, but we’ve taken every precaution possible to ensure it doesn’t appear that way to shoppers,” said the Tinker Exchange’s Store Manager Mike Patmon. “Like any good air or ground crew, we have teams working in multiple areas, but all activities are synchronized to produce the same result. Once we’re done removing old fixtures, redoing the floors and changing the layout of the store, the facility is going to feel ‘brand’ new.”

The countdown to lift off is on course according to Patmon who says that, despite the compressed timeline of just 116 days, renovations are on schedule and completed sections, such as the new Customer Service area, are already receiving positive reviews.

“This is something, I wasn’t expecting this,” said retired Airman Topper Coats while shopping the exchange in July. “I like it.”

While there are no missiles or avionics related to Exchange’s rebranding mission at Tinker, all members of the team are committed to a successful launch in anticipation of making the facility not only easier to shop, but more enjoyable to visit as well.

“We’re not just changing signs and slapping on a fresh coat of paint,” said Patmon. “Everything, from our approach to customer service to the ways customers interact with the merchandise, is being refashioned as we prepare to go ‘wheels up’ on our flight to deliver a world-class Exchange benefit to Team Tinker.”