LastPass Users Encouraged to Change Passwords as Precaution

DALLAS –LastPass, an internet company that offers a way to centrally manage passwords, disclosed a data breach in which email addresses, password reminders and encrypted password hashes (digital fingerprint) were accessed.

Authorized shoppers who store information for and accounts through LastPass should change their passwords for these accounts. 

LastPass reports they found no evidence of encrypted data taken or any LastPass user accounts accessed. LastPass believes that the data stored on their servers could not be used to facilitate a large compromise of account passwords.

LastPass advises users to change their master password if it was used as a password at other websites. They also recommend users enable multifactor authentication for added security. Multifactor Authentication protects accounts by requiring two forms of identification (Master Password + another optional form of identification) for access. 

For more information please see the LastPass Security Notice.

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