Getting cash at the Exchange is like money in the bank

RELEASE DATE: December 2, 2011

Getting cash at the Exchange is like money in the bank

DALLAS – As banks calculate consumer’s pain threshold for increasing fees, the Exchange is offering shoppers cheap access to their money with free check cashing and cash back on debit transactions.

“It’s all about saving money and time,” said the Exchange’s Chief of Staff Col. Tom Ockenfels. “You can cash your checks and get cash on your own time at the Exchange and won’t be charged a fee.”

Authorized shoppers can cash personal checks up to $300 per day, per customer at no charge and as always, checks will be accepted up to the exact amount of any purchase. Customers will also be able to use their debit cards to receive up to $50 cash back at the registers. 

The Exchange also cashes a wide variety of other checks and instruments for cash at no charge such as Army Emergency Relief, Air Force Aid Society and Naval Relief Society checks, U.S. insurance checks, U.S money orders, traveler’s checks, Western Union checks as well as payroll checks issued by authorized government contractors and other non-appropriated fund agencies.

Shoppers can visit their local Exchange for more information about its free check cashing policy.


Media Notes:

For more information or to schedule an interview with an Exchange representative please contact SSG Mark Matthews, 214-312-4273 or [email protected].