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7 Reliable Weight-Loss Tactics to Try if You’re Not Losing Weight

October 18, 2019

It’s no secret losing weight in a healthy way takes time: Experts agree it’s safe to shed 1–2 pounds per week. However, if the scale just won’t budge don’t be discouraged — there are strategies you can use to overcome a weight-loss plateau. “Listening to your body, challenging yourself with exercise, sleeping well and managing your stress with enjoyable activities will all help you push forward…

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Foam roll

The Right Way to Foam Roll Your Entire Back

August 6, 2019

These days, virtually every gym, fitness studio and even home workout setup has a foam roller. That’s because there are plenty of benefits to foam rolling, from helping to prevent and soothe muscle tightness to maintaining and increasing mobility. But there’s one area of the body that it’s pretty controversial to foam roll: the back.…

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10 TRX Moves for Your Next Bodyweight Burner

10 TRX Moves for Your Next Bodyweight Burner

January 24, 2019

Switch up your workout and give suspension training a try. Suspension training — or TRX, as the most dominant brand in the space has achieved Kleenex-level name recognition and even trademarked the term — gives you a chance to shake up your stale training regimen. Instead of using traditional implements like dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells for resistance, exercisers work…

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