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How to Eat to Run: Fueling the Body for Performance

High-carb, low-carb, clean eating, Paleo, vegan – when did eating become so complicated? No matter your particular diet, as a runner, your goal is to fuel your body to optimize your training and racing. As a runner, it’s essential to remember that food is your fuel. While many runners struggle with their relationship with food, calories…

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Resolve To Be Fit!

The New Year is an opportunity to move forward, progress, set and reach goals you want to achieve. Use these keys to help build a better you, inspiring you to start or sustain an already healthy lifestyle.   Key’s to BE FIT Set Goals They should be specific, measurable and attainable. They should be important…

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Fitness & Nutrition Tips

Meet the Bells! Sgt. Maj. Edward Bell and wife Lisa combine fitness and smart nutrition as the Exchange’s BE FIT spokescouple to provide a real-life example of healthy living for military families.

Healthier Choices

Take the guesswork out of eating on the go! At Exchanges and Express locations worldwide, military shoppers can identify Healthier Choices BE FIT food and beverage options by an easy-to-spot ‘Healthier Choices, Healthier Lifestyle’ shelf tag.

Build A Better You

When dining at Exchange restaurants, you can find better-for-you options to fit most healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you're searching for low in carb or high in protein meals, these options are conveniently available to help build a better you.

Charleys Philly Steaks
Burger King
Cuisinart Air Fryer - Salmon

Cuisinart Air Fryer Salmon

BE FIT Ambassador

Roy Montez, Strategic Marketing Manager (BE FIT), EXCHANGE

My why.

From an early age, I’ve been influenced and motivated by athletics and teamwork. Throughout my youth, sports have played a key role in my development as a person. Characteristics were formed during this time that would carry me through life’s lessons, and which would ultimately aid in building a better and stronger version of myself.

Through my involvement with NCAA Division I collegiate soccer to multiple marathons and years of strength training, sports nutrition and supplementation, my passion to inspire others to reach their goals has been at the forefront of my work and is at new heights. Yoga and meditation has taught me the importance of psychological health by reflection, flexibility and balance.

Through Health and Wellness I’ve acquired the support system, mental fortitude and work ethic that have been at the core of my principles. Remembering that this journey should be fun and exciting, ever challenging and ever forward.

Entering my 10th year with the Exchange, I couldn’t be more proud to work alongside and serve those who serve. Living a healthy lifestyle does not happen overnight, but with encouragement, motivation, consistency and hard work, together we can lead a healthy life and BeFit.

Train With BE FIT

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Cardio Training
Strength Training
Yoga Glass

Prep To BE FIT

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