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Exchange offers safe and sanitized services including:

  • Dental

  • Optical

  • Optometry

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Cryotherapy

  • Nutrition Centers

Exchange wellness services are accepting new patients so find one on an installation near you!

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Aberdeen Proving Ground Nutrition
Aviano (Italy) Coming Soon Durable Medical Equipment
Ansbach (Germany) Coming Soon Durable Medical Equipment
Andersen (Guam) Durable Medical Equipment
Andrews AFB Durable Medical Equipment
Andrews AFB Optical/Optometry
Andrews AFB Nutrition
Barksdale AFB Optical/Optometry
Bolling AFB Nutrition
Buckley AFB Optical/Optometry
Camp Foster, Japan Durable Medical Equipment
Camp Humphreys, Korea Humphreys Dental Clinic Dental
Camp Humphreys, Korea Durable Medical Equipment
Cannon AFB Nutrition
Cannon AFB Optical
Carlisle Barracks Optical
Charleston AFB Nutrition
Charleston AFB Optical
Columbus AFB Optical
Davis-Monthan AFB Dental
Davis-Monthan AFB Optical/Optometry
Davis-Monthan AFB Durable Medical Equipment
Davis-Monthan AFB Nutrition
Dover AFB Optical
Dyess AFB Optical
Edwards AFB Optical
Eglin AFB Nutrition
Eglin AFB Optical/Optometry
Eielson AFB Optical
Elmendorf AFB Nutrition
Elmendorf AFB Optical/Optometry
Fort Belvoir Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Belvoir Optical/Optometry
Fort Belvoir Dental
Fort Belvoir Nutrition
Fort Benning Dental
Fort Benning Optical/Optometry
Fort Benning Nutrition
Fort Bliss Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Bliss U.S. Cryotherapy Cryotherapy
Fort Bliss Optical/Optometry
Fort Bliss Nutrition
Fort Bragg Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Bragg Optical/Optometry
Fort Bragg Optical/Optometry
Fort Bragg Nutrition
Fort Buchanan Optical/Optometry
Fort Buchanan Dental
Fort Buchanan Nutrition
Fort Campbell Optical/Optometry
Fort Campbell Dental
Fort Campbell Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Campbell Coming Soon Chiropractor
Fort Campbell Nutrition
Fort Carson Coming Soon Chiropractor
Fort Carson Coming Soon Dental
Fort Carson Optical/Optometry
Fort Carson Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Carson Nutrition
Fort Dix Optical/Optometry
Fort Dix Coming Soon Chiropractor
Fort Dix Nutrition
Fort Drum Optical/Optometry
Fort Drum Nutrition
Fort Eustis Dental
Fort Eustis Optical/Optometry
Fort Eustis Nutrition
Fort Gordon Dental
Fort Gordon Nutrition
Fort Gordon Optical/Optometry
Fort Hood Dental
Fort Hood Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Hood U.S. Cryotherapy Cryotherapy
Fort Hood Optical/Optometry
Fort Hood Nutrition
Fort Hood Coming Soon Chiropractor
Fort Huachuca Optical
Fort Huachuca Nutrition
Fort Irwin Optical
Fort Irwin Nutrition
Fort Jackson Nutrition
Fort Jackson Optical/Optometry
Fort Knox Optical/Optometry
Fort Knox Nutrition
Fort Leavenworth Optical/Optometry
Fort Leavenworth Nutrition
Fort Lee Optical/Optometry
Fort Lee Optical
Fort Lee Chiropractor
Fort Lee Nutrition
Fort Leonard Wood Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Leonard Wood Optical/Optometry
Fort Leonard Wood Nutrition
Fort Lewis-JBLM Optical/Optometry
Fort Lewis-JBLM Nutrition
Fort Meade Optical/Optometry
Fort Meade Nutrition
Fort Myer Optical
Fort Myer Nutrition
Fort Polk Optical
Fort Polk Nutrition
Fort Riley Optical
Fort Riley Nutrition
Fort Rucker Optical/Optometry
Fort Rucker Nutrition
Fort Sam Houston Dental
Fort Sam Houston Optical
Fort Sam Houston DME
Fort Sam Houston Nutrition
Fort Sill Optical/Optometry
Fort Sill Dental
Fort Sill Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Sill Nutrition
Fort Stewart Coming Soon Chiropractor
Fort Stewart Optical/Optometry
Fort Stewart Dental
Fort Stewart Durable Medical Equipment
Fort Stewart Nutrition
Fort Wainwright Optical
Fort Wainwright Nutrition
Grafenwoehr, Germany Optical/Optometry
Hickam AFB Nutrition
Hill AFB Optical/Optometry
Hill AFB Nutrition
Holloman AFB Optical
Holloman AFB Nutrition
Hunter Army Airfield Durable Medical Equipment
Hurlburt Field Nutrition
JBLM-McChord Coming Soon Chiropractor
JBLM-McChord Optical/Optometry
JBLM-McChord Dental
Kadena AB, Japan Optical/Optometry
Kadena AB, Japan Durable Medical Equipment
Kaiserslautern (KMCC), Germany-Ramstein Optical/Optometry
Kaiserslautern (KMCC), Germany-Ramstein Durable Medical Equipment
Keesler AFB Optical/Optometry
Keesler AFB Nutrition
Kirtland AFB Optical
Kirtland AFB Nutrition
Lackland AFB Optical
Lackland AFB Nutrition
Lakenheath Durable Medical Equipment
JB Langley/Eustis Dental
Langley AFB Optical/Optometry
Langley AFB Nutrition
Little Rock AFB Optical
Luke AFB Dental
Luke AFB Optical
Luke AFB Chiropractor
Luke AFB Nutrition
MacDill AFB Durable Medical Equipment
MacDill AFB Dental
MacDill AFB Optical
MacDill AFB Chiropractor
MacDill AFB Nutrition
Madigan Hospital Fort Lewis Optical
March ARB Optical/Optometry
Maxwell AFB Optical
Maxwell AFB Nutrition
McChord AFB Dental
McChord AFB Durable Medical Equipment
McChord AFB Optical/Optometry
McChord AFB Nutrition
McConnell AFB Optical/Optometry
JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Optical/Optometry
Minot AFB Nutrition
Misawa Coming Soon Durable Medical Equipment
Moody AFB Optical
NAS JRB Fort Worth Optical/Optometry
NAS JRB Fort Worth Nutrition
Nellis AFB Durable Medical Equipment
Nellis AFB Optical/Optometry
Nellis AFB Coming Soon Chiropractor
Nellis AFB Nutrition
Offutt AFB Optical/Optometry
Patrick AFB Optical/Optometry
Patrick AFB Nutrition
Peterson AFB Optical/Optometry
Peterson AFB Nutrition
Pope AFB Nutrition
Ramstein, Germany Coming Soon Optical/Optometry
Ramstein, Germany Coming Soon Dental
Randolph AFB Optical
Randolph AFB Nutrition
Redstone Arsenal Optical
Redstone Arsenal Nutrition
Robins AFB Optical
Robins AFB Nutrition
Schofield Barracks Durable Medical Equipment
Schofield Barracks Pearl Harbor Vision Center Optical
Schofield Barracks Nutrition
Scott AFB Optical
Scott AFB Nutrition
Seymour Johnson AFB Optical
Shaw AFB Optical
Shaw AFB Nutrition
Sheppard AFB Nutrition
Spangdahlem, Germany Optical/Optometry
Spangdahlem, Germany Durable Medical Equipment
Stuttgart, Germany Coming Soon Dental
Stuttgart, Germany Durable Medical Equipment
Tinker AFB Durable Medical Equipment
Tinker AFB Optical
Tinker AFB Nutrition
Travis AFB Dental
Travis AFB Optical/Optometry
Travis AFB Nutrition
Tripler Arm Hospital, HI Durable Medical Equipment
Tyndall AFB Optical
U.S. Air Force Academy Optical
West Point Military Academy Optical
White Sands Optical
Wright Patterson AFB Optical
Wright Patterson AFB Nutrition
Yokota Air Base Optical
Yokota Air Base Coming Soon Durable Medical Equipment
Wiesbaden Coming Soon Dental
Wiesbaden Durable Medical Equipment