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Be Fit Live Cover CPT Bush + Ambassador Roy

Strengthen Cardio + Resistance Endurance | BE FIT LIVE 112

Join BE FIT Ambassador Roy Montez and guests SMSgt. Sonja Berry and CPT. Brad Bush during a Facebook Live workout to challenge yourself with targeted workouts for your arms, core, back, glutes and lower body for a full body strength and conditioning test to help you stay mission ready.

Follow along with every set, rep and coaching cue as Roy and SMSgt. Berry + CPT. Bush lead this weeks cardio and resistance-based workout. Grab your towel plus water and let’s get ready to put in some work!


The Workout

  • :40 seconds of work and :20 seconds of rest
  • 4 exercises
  • 4 Rounds total
  • 1:00 minute of rest between rounds


1. DB Lateral Lunge + RDL

2. DB Row + Knee Drive

3. DB Laying Tricep Extension

4. High Plank Toe Taps

The Exchange is here to support you to stay mission ready. Start your readiness today to prepare for resiliency tomorrow.

Visit for your fitness and sporting goods essentials.

Be Ready. Be Resilient. Be Fit.

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