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4-Week Progressive Burpee Plan

The burpee is a move that has it all: A plank, push, squat, hinge and dynamic jump. It can be modified to a simple down and up off of the ground and progressed to one of the most challenging fitness moves around!


The first week starts by building a foundation for mastering the basic burpee. Starting with three burpees, you’ll add a burpee each day, ending with a rest day after a day of 8 burpees, and remember: Modifications are completely welcome. For week 2, you’ll swap a basic burpee for a candlestick burpee to work on mobility. Note: The count continues building from week 1 to help build endurance and stamina. Week 3 adds strength and week 4 builds explosiveness.

Over the next four weeks, we are going to broaden your burpee bank and improve your endurance, strength, stability and mobility — all while leveling up the fun factor in your workouts.



If you’re not comfortable doing the pushup and/or jump portion of a regular burpee, try a “half-burpee” which consists of a plank, step or jump up to the squat position and a simple stand. All of our burpee variations can be replaced with this option.


Begin in a tight, active plank position on the ground. Keeping your body in a straight line, lower down and press through the floor to complete a pushup. Immediately snap your feet under your body to land in a perfect squat position. While driving your arms up to the ceiling, press your feet through the floor and engage through the glutes as you leave the ground for your jump. Hinge hips back, place hands on the floor and hop back into the active plank. To modify the intensity, step back to a plank and step up to the squat rather than jumping from plank to squat. Also, you can remove the jump portion of the burpee.


It’s just like a regular burpee, but after the pushup, your feet come under your body to take you onto your back. Rolling backward, shoot your feet into the air with your arms firmly planted on the floor. Roll back into the squat position, stand and jump.

Modification: Remove the pushup and/or jump.


After the pushup of your regular burpee and before the jump portion, perform an additional squat.

Modification: Don’t feel like jumping? Just do two squats!


The “jump” portion of the burpee is replaced with a lateral (sideways) jump. The lateral jump can simply be a side step.


The “jump” portion of the burpee is replaced with a tuck jump (bringing your knees to your chest). The tuck jump can be changed into a high-knee march on both legs.

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Shana Verstegen


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